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Hello, I'm Cassie!

Wife to Nick, together since we were sixteen years old or (young) depending how you look at it!!  Mother to Isla (6) Luca (4) & Lennan (2).  I wanted to start this blog as a way to document ALL the things.  My husband and I have so many years of stories that I feel like I’m already forgetting and I want to capture everything `on this format.  I also thrive creatively and being a stay at home mom its a way for me to explore my love for interior, fashion and health-wellness.  I believe any lifestyle you envision should be attainable no matter what season of life you are in.  I hope to inspire you, to share things, teach things and keep learning from everyone. Sometimes we enter a new walk of life, not sure where we belong and it’s nice to find solidarity in others.


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